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Hello, I'm Joy-Louise

The Illustrator & Designer behind Felicity & Ink

London Illustrator Joy-Louise, creator of Felicity & Ink

I'm an Illustrator and Designer from Newcastle Upon Tyne, currently living and working in London.

I have always been creative but my love for illustrating was born during my time as a Graphic Design student at Teesside University. Once I realised how much I enjoyed it, I chose to specialise in the subject during my final year and continued studying and developing my style through to Masters level.

After years of developing and experimenting with my illustrative style, the first piece I ever created that set the tone was my Woodland Jewels Owl, during the first week of my Masters back in 2013. I'm still always working to develop and better my style, at the minute i'm mainly experimenting with ways to add colour and new mediums to my original monochrome style.

Visually i'm inspired by nature, animals, florals and intricate bohemian details. Combined, my illustrations and patterns create a relaxed, bohemian, free spirited vibe which probably reflects me as a person in some ways.

My brand Felicity & Ink started to become a reality in 2017. It has always been my dream to create my own illustration brand, where I can offer a whole range of products that i've dreamt up!

Throughout my journey so far I have collaborated with some amazing clients and brands to create beautiful illustrations and collections, created this shop filled with my creations, live illustrated and shared my tips, tricks and tutorials along the way with my amazing friends and supporters i've made over on Instagram, Youtube and Skillshare.

I'm always excited to see where this dream of a journey takes me next, and I appreciate all of your support!


Video by @jrmrobinson

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