Filigree Patterns

Felicity & Ink | Filigree Patterns
filigree | fɪlɪɡri
ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery.

Is it just me that these short days and dark nights are making feel like winter shall never end? Fear not, spring is just around the corner and to celebrate I have a new pattern collection, ‘Filigree’.

I’ve had these sat in my library a little while now but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I went on a little throwback to warmer weather posting spree today and it reminded me of these.

I have plans to use these patterns on various things but for now enjoy the patterns on their own.

Felicity & Ink | Filigree Pattern 1
Felicity & Ink | Filigree Pattern 2
Felicity & Ink | Filigree Pattern 3

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