January | Vision Board

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2017 is in full swing and a fresh year is a great time for a reset and a rethink of your goals and plans.

Now, i’m not one for new years resolutions, in past years I would have thought of one or two but experience tells me I won’t stick to them. To me one statement to work towards for a year is unrealistic and soon becomes daunting. Instead I prefer to break up any goals I have into monthly, weekly or daily ones to work towards something bigger.

So I have decided to start creating a monthly vision board to put together how i’m feeling, what my aim of the month is and what feels visually appealing to me at the time. Which in turn will hopefully help me create something new out of it afterwards. So lets start with January!

January, the month of new beginnings, fresh starts and new hopes.

This month for me, will be focused on my career and what I want out of it. I’m in a new city, so I want to take full advantage of that. It will also see the reboot of my health mission to lose the last of my unwanted weight and tone up.

What are your aims for January? Maybe try creating your own vision board, it doesn’t have to make sense to others, as long as it does to you. Putting one together is fun too, or is that just me?

Felicity & Ink | January Vision Board

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Filigree Patterns

Felicity & Ink | Filigree Patterns
filigree | fɪlɪɡri
ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery.

Is it just me that these short days and dark nights are making feel like winter shall never end? Fear not, spring is just around the corner and to celebrate I have a new pattern collection, ‘Filigree’.

I’ve had these sat in my library a little while now but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I went on a little throwback to warmer weather posting spree today and it reminded me of these.

I have plans to use these patterns on various things but for now enjoy the patterns on their own.

Felicity & Ink | Filigree Pattern 1
Felicity & Ink | Filigree Pattern 2
Felicity & Ink | Filigree Pattern 3
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When Inspiration Abandons You

Felicity & Ink, When Inspiration Abandons You

It may seem  from the lack of consistent posts and new artwork, that i’ve been lacking inspiration lately.
This is true to a certain extent, let me explain a little more..

Jordan and I met up with some friends this afternoon, visiting London from our hometown. We got to talking about our creative projects and finding the time to work on them, alongside working full time and just living/sleeping in general. This got me thinking, as much as I spend the majority of my free time being creative, I definitely don’t spend as much time as i’d like doing so.

During my time at University, more so whilst studying for my MA there literally wasn’t a day that passed when my sketchbook wasn’t in hand, working on numerous new ideas I had imagined up. So much so I developed a repetitive strain injury in my right wrist and couldn’t even pick a pen up, my doctor banned me from drawing for 6 weeks, unless I fancied facing surgery.

It was really hard for me to stop drawing, whilst constantly being creative, i was constantly inspired. Once I had to chill out for a while it sort of dried up and it was harder to get those light bulb moments.

The same is true now, in August Jordan and I returned from LA after which my brain was buzzing with fresh ideas and inspiration.
Within 5 days of returning, i found out I had a second interview with a company in London, I was there having the interview, then the same day I was offered the job. I then had one day to accept or reject the offer then two days after that a final decision had to be made as to where we would live and sign a tenancy agreement.

A few weeks later we were living here, all of that time had passed inbetween and I hadn’t had a single chance to put pen to paper.

Soo it’s been pretty full on. Moving to London and being immersed in such a cultured, diverse and none stop city has definitely got the inspiration flowing. I just have not found a way to put those ideas to paper yet.

I have been doing a lot of things to get my brain into gear, to find a way to turn those ideas into artwork. My daily tube commutes are coming in handy as a block of set time to do so. I’ve been using them to read more, listen to new music and I have even been teaching myself Spanish again.

I have also been trying to visit somewhere new at least once a week or to see a new show or film, which is pretty easy to do in London as theres so much going on and so many places to explore.

Eventually, that lightbulb moment hit me at around 10pm this (Saturday) evening and my creative self is finally back in action!

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Flamingo & Sloth | Illustration

Felicity & Ink | Flamingo & Sloth Illustration

I was feeling inspired to create something colourful and bright after being stuck in a black and white rutt again. With winter looming, i felt a tropical, mandala inspired piece was fitting.

I started off with the intention of solely drawing a colourful mandala but the flamingo and sloth just popped up out of nowhere. Once the idea stuck in my mind, i had to sketch it out. The result is pretty cute right?!

I also love to add specks of gold foil to a finished piece to add extra intricate details.

The final piece
FLAMINGO & SLOTH illustration by Joy-Louise Waterman

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