2016 | Year In Review

Felicity & Ink Year In Review

I always feel reflective at this time of year and 2016 has been a pretty amazing year for me.

So I thought i’d put together a little post of all the things i’ve been grateful of this year. That way I have something to look back at this time next year.

So heres some things that have made 2016, probably the best year of my life to date.

Felicity & Ink | New York City, Travel Diary 2016
Felicity & Ink | New York City, Travel Diary 2016
Felicity & Ink | New York City, Travel Diary 2016

Travelling to New York in January (and getting snowed in)

My trip to New York with my boyfriend Jordan is definitely what got 2016 off to the best start.

Not only because it was our first major trip together but the unforgettable events that happened when whilst we were there and just because well, it’s New York. I definitley want to visit again very soon!

Read my New York travel diary here.

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary at Edinburgh in march

We love Edinburgh, so celebrating our 2nd anniversary in a row in Edinburgh was perfect.

We spent a couple of days in the Scottish capital and stayed in a lovely apartment.

The past 3 years with Jordan have been absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to celebrate our fourth anniversary in March next year.


Being surprised with a Birthday trip to Harrogate in March

This was a lovely surprise from Jordan, i’d never been to Harrogate before. It’s such a cute town in North Yorkshire.

We spent the night at the Hotel Du Vin which was lovely, accompanied by a three course meal and lots of prosecco.

It was the best birthday ever!

Felicity & Ink, New York City Travel Diary Day 3 - 5th Avenue Shopping & Central Park

My amazingly supportive boyfriend

Jordan is literally my number one fan, which he tells me all of the time.

He’s the most loving and chilled person i’ve ever met. No matter the situation he is chilled and reassuring and always makes me feel better.

He supports everything I do and I don’t know what i’d do without him, especially the past couple weeks. I’m so glad we have shared so many amazing memories together and I can’t wait to make more.


Losing 25lbs and counting

At the beginning of this year I set out to become healthier and lose some weight. Like many, i’ve said this at the beginning of most years but this year I actually accomplished my goal.

I found a love for running at the start of Spring which helped a lot, this combined with weights, pilates and a low carb and no sugar diet all contributed to a huge weight loss. The fact I had a trip to LA planned in the summer was good motivation too.

This is the most comfortable i’ve felt with my body, something i’ve wanted to feel for a long time. I still have a little way to go and shall be adding a lot more exercise and a stricter diet into my life in the new year.

Joy-Louise Waterman creator of Felicity & Ink

Travelling to LA in August

It has always been a dream of mine to visit California, it finally happened this summer and it definitely did not disappoint!

I literally had the best summer ever this year, which this trip with Jordan was a huge part of.

I have never felt so chilled and laid back as when I was there, it is such a beautiful and surreal place. It is now my dream to live there someday.

Theres still a travel diary to come about this trip so keep checking back or even better, subscribe for updates.

Finding out i’m going to be an Aunty in October

This was an unexpected one but probably the most superΒ special one!

I’m so excited to go baby shopping and of course I can’t wait to meet the little guy or girl next summer.

We only have to wait a couple more weeks for my sister to have the scan and find out!


Moving to London in October

Jordan and I had been thinking for a little while that we wanted to move somewhere different. One day we just said lets try and move to London and so we did.

We didn’t know when it would happen but our aim was before Christmas and we ended up here 3 months before.

London is such an amazing, hectic and cultured city and we are both loving living here so far and exploring what it has to offer.


Mine and Jordan’s first home

Our London apartment is our first non student home together.

It’s been so much fun moving all of our stuff in and making it our own, we absolutely love it!

It’s like a little calm sanctuary in this super busy city, I love hearing the hustle and bustle going on outside though. So much so I found the silence too weird when we travelled back to the North East for Christmas.

Old friends and new friends

I’m always grateful for my friends i’ve made a lot of great new ones this year too.

I do wish it was easier to get to spend time with them all, everyone is scattered all of the country which makes it more difficult but when I do see them it’s always great.


My family visiting me in London (and family in general)

In November my Mam and Sister made the journey from Newcastle to visit me.

My Mam had always said if I moved to London, she would not be able to visit me. She’s not really a fan of busy places and struggles with small spaces which would make it difficult for her to travel around the city without getting on the tube.

But only a month after moving, her and my sister came to visit and she ended up loving it. She even travelled on the tube numerous times and coped really well with it all, for which i’m super proud and of course it was lovely to see them and show them around our new home.

My family have been super supportive of my move to London in general, which i’m super grateful for.

Spending time with family at Christmas

We were pretty unsure if we would get to travel back to the North East this Christmas but pretty last minute we ended up being able to.

Its always good to spend time with the family but it’s even more special after moving so far away from them all.

After 4 years as a couple it was the first year Jordan and I actually got to spend Christmas day together, which was perfect!

I’m so excited to set new targets forΒ 2017 and to create many more amazing memories.

I hope you all enjoy celebrating with your loved ones tonight and I shall see you in the new year!

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